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About us

At HiFRESH, we fell in love with the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables, and together we fulfilled our dreams when work becomes a hobby. The feeling of positive feedback from our satisfied customers and the atmosphere of the place in Husova Street is indescribable, which must simply be experienced, ideally every day of the year.

We look forward to your experiences of the explosive tastes of our recipes. We are new, we are fresh, we are HiFRESH.

Our drinks

Hand in hand with carefully selected suppliers we depend on the composition of raw materials, which thanks to its variety and color brings natural energy from nature to our recipes. We can prepare all recipes of our smoothies in a vegan alternative.

Exotic frozen fruits such as mango, dragon fruit, papaya or maracuja are sourced from TROPX, which under the baton of sympathetic owners harvest fresh fruit in Vietnam RTE “ready to eat”. Thanks to “The shocker” the fruit is deeply frozen, airborne and thus retains the taste and quality that is fantastic.

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